Devotees: Portraits by Fergus Quinn [Jan 2019 – March 2019]

The Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) is happy to present “Devotees: Portraits by Fergus Quinn” The works are portraits made by Fergus Quinn, of devotees mainly from the UK ISKCON Yatra, done over a period of several years. Fergus captures the facial expressions of many wonderful devotees that have enriched our Vaishnava Community.

The show consists of approximately 25 works some small others quite large. In ISKCON, as it is traditional in Vaishnava Communities, association with devotees is of paramount importance. Fergus has personally captured this important aspect of devotional life and transferred it onto his paintings. As we look at his works we connect with the devotees that these paintings represent, all of them wonderful devotees in their own way.

We are sure that devotees will love to see and be surrounded by familiar faces. It will be interesting to see the actual devotees looking at their own portraits.

May the devotees who come to the Radhadesh Mellows enjoy this inspiring show by a humble artist seeking to get the blessings and association of so many wonderful devotees.

Vaishnava Sanga and Seva Ki Jay!

Mahaprabhu dasa
Director of MOSA


“After graduating from Middlesex University with a BA(Hons) in Illustration I worked as a freelance graphic artist and designer for record and cd covers. Over the last three years I have returned to my passion for painting and produced a large body of work for various exhibitions and events including mural commissions and teaching workshops in my local borough.

I mainly paint portraits of musicians and singers from around the world. Inspired to paint by seeing the work of artists such as Lucian Freud, Dave Mckean & Jenny Saville to name a few. I like to paint on wood with acrylics, spray paint and paint pens and also combine with pencil, biro and pastel.