Bharti Dayal (B. 1961)

Bharti-Dayal-1418Bharti Dayal was born in December 1961 in Samastipur in northern Bihar, a region corresponding to the ancient kingdom of Mithila. As a young girl, she learnt Mithila’s Madhubani art form from her mother and grandmother.

Dayal started to produce paintings professionally in 1984. Since 1991 she has lived and worked in New Delhi. During her career she has sought to change a practice common to Madhubani (Mithila) painters, that of replicating earlier, sometimes flawed, works. While remaining true to the traditional roots of the Mithila style, her pieces have a fresh contemporary look. Dayal is not only a vigorous proponent of Madhubani painting, but she also supports up-and-coming Madhubani artists. She has won many awards for her work, including India’s National Award for excellence in handicrafts in 2007, and taken part in exhibitions both in India and internationally. In 1995 her work was the subject of a French television documentary.

Through-out her career, she has used natural plant-based colour sources for her paintings. Through her work, Bharti wants to spread love, harmony, and divinity. Her favourite subject is Radha–Krishna. She believes that Radha is the universal power of love, longing, and peace, which is the quest of all beings.